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Lizzie Emery



Hi, I’m Lizzie

I am an intuitive branding coach and design alchemist. I specialise in helping online coaches discover their unique vision and then I transform it into their soul branding and design.

I have over 15 years of experience in graphic design starting with social media design. From there I moved into creating artwork using 3D modelling programs before diving into the world of print on demand (which I even wrote an ebook about) and finally circling back to social media and online business design.

I have created a unique process of visual brand coaching that allows me to connect with my clients intuitively and create a brand that captures their character, values and attracts their soul clients.

When I am not mixing potions of pixels and elixirs of elements, I am a mum to two crazy amazing humans, a dog of many names, a very noisy cat and girlfriend to a geeky man. I am also a bit (lot) of a geek myself, and spend as many weekends as possible at TV and Film Fan Conventions.

If you want to connect with me on social media you can find me in these places.

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