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What do you think the hardest part is about opening an Etsy shop? Do you know what I think? The name! Something as simple as a shop name can stall, or worse stop you altogether from creating your shop. It is the reason why I decided to create a whole video in my FREE Module 1 of the Sell your Digital Art on Etsy course just for naming your shop. The video goes through all the different ways to gather inspiration for your super fabulous shop name but here are a few more tips to help you along this journey.

What is in a name?

 Well, in this case, a lot! Your shop name can be the first impression of your whole business. It sets the tone for what people will expect from you. If you are looking for wedding invitations for your July wedding and you see two shops, one called “Summer Rose Designs” and the second one called “The Painted Studio”, which one are you more likely to click on first? If you have a particular theme, then it is worth adding some words to do with them into the mix. So, if you specialise in wedding invites then having words like wedding, or bridal in your name somewhere. Or if you do inspiration quotes on mugs then something along the lines of “An Inspiring Sip” would fit nicely.

To Niche or not to Niche

Not to throw a spanner into the creative works but the other thing you need to take into consideration is your future plans. You may sell wedding invite designs for now, but do you plan to stick to wedding invites? If you plan on branching into general party supplies, then a wedding themed word in your name will become redundant pretty quickly. You can re-name but that includes rebranding. And if you have social media and websites with your original name, then things can get very messy indeed!

Rewrite the dictionary

The other spanner that makes an appearance is the little box that says “Not Available” when you type in your super awesome name. And let’s face it there are more than a few Etsy Shops out there taking the names. So, what is there to do? How do you find an epic or even a standard shop name that hasn’t been taken? Well, this is where your creative stars can shine! When all the words are taken, it’s time to make your own! As you have probably realized, my business name “Lizzillusions” isn’t a word you will find in the dictionary (give me time) but is a mix of two words, my name “Lizzie” and the word “illusion”. After a bit of playing around with the letters, I came up with what I thought was a winning original name. But my work didn’t stop there, and if you go down this route yours shouldn’t either. When you come up with your amazing name, it is essential to get opinions. You are gonna be bias, and you should be, this isn’t just a string of words you’ve put together, this is a possible addition to the Oxford English Dictionary someday! Or this name could one day become the very meaning of whatever it is that you sell just like Vax or Bic! Ok, you get the point, your new word is going to mean a lot to you. But it may have other associations that you are not aware of, or not quite roll off the tongue to others. The other thing is your new word might not be as new as you think, so I also advise doing a search on google for your word. I was pretty lucky with mine, there was a total of 3 results on google before I launched Lizzillusions. Now if you do a search there is a lot of me! Which is great if people have heard of me but don’t have any links.

So, what really is in a name?

As you can see a lot. Your Etsy shop name can set the theme for your business and it is important that you set the right theme. You need to think about your future plans and where you want your business to go and make sure your name matches that vision. And don’t be afraid to rewrite the dictionary!


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