Why Every Blogger should open an Etsy Shop

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Building A Business

You’ve got enough on your plate, right? With writing blog posts, Google SEO, managing email lists and social media, why would you want to add yet more work to your schedule by adding a shop and what would you put in it anyway? Well, here are 3 reasons why this extra work would benefit your blog.

Another Platform

Yeah, I know, like you need yet another platform to maintain. But, with adding Etsy to your list, you will be reaching possible readers and customers that you wouldn’t have reached anywhere on social media. What’s more, with a little work at the beginning, you could be driving a reasonable amount of organic traffic your way.

Adding your website, story and listings to your Etsy profile means that there are going to be more eyes on your brand, as shoppers are browsing through listings to find the perfect present and giving them every chance to click over onto your blog.

Another opt-in opportunity

Etsy makes it very easy to market your products, including a discount and sales feature. A great opt-in for your email list is offering a one-time 20% discount to anything in your shop in return for their email address. In addition to this, if you have a membership program then offering a member only discount is also an extra perk.

Another income stream

It’s hard work making money as a blogger. Unless you are getting lots of traffic, then your affiliate links and ads are probably paying minimal at best and you are working hard at selling someone else’s product! But having an Etsy shop means you are able to sell your own products and have that extra income coming in that you wouldn’t normally be getting.

And what’s more, in the age of increasing fear that we are going to be targeted by fraudulent activity online, people are becoming hyper sensitive to the “unknown” websites and it becomes harder to get them to part with their cash. Using a platform such as Etsy gives your potential customer a safety net. Should you be a malicious criminal looking to steal their money, then they know they can contact Etsy, who are known and visited by millions every month, and that they have power to make sure the customer is not out of pocket and that the sellers on their platform are regulated.

What do I sell?

Etsy has a strict criterion regarding what you can sell on the platform. Originally, when the platform started, it was handmade items only. Since then, they have opened it up to vintage and hand designed items. The last part is where it gets very useful.  If you have designed something, then you can sell it on Etsy. For example, have you made a printable worksheet for an opt-in that has been popular? You can sell digital items, from eBooks to printable sheets.

Alternatively, you can create products from content that you already own. You can take quotes from your writing that have resonated well with your audience and put it on a mug or a t-shirt using print on demand. Print on demand allows you to create your design, which could be a simple quote in a nice font, and sell it on several different products. What’s even more attractive about this method is that you have minimal financial outlay until a customer purchases something from you.


My eBook, The Creative Side Hustle Manual details a system of the same name that I have created around coming up with, creating and selling your own products as a blogger. I have used the system numerous times myself and with clients with great success. You can find out more about the system here.

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