I have over 15 years of graphic design experience which started out with creating user icons and layouts for the social media blog platform LiveJournal. From there I progressed into 3D Modelling artwork and photomanipulation.

Lizzillusions started as an Etsy shop in 2015 where I sold copies of my artwork, personalised gifts and stationary. I created the website and blog to further showcase my designs and my shop and soon found that the design elements needed in business that came so easily to me were what other business owners and bloggers struggled with.

One thing that I noticed my fellow online business owners struggled with most was their own business identity. And with the increasing numbers of new bloggers and businesses starting each day it gets harder to stand out in any niche.

This is why I developed a unique branding solution that allows me to intuitively connect with my clients to help them find what it is that makes them stand out.

When I’m not prettifying pixels I live in Yorkshire, UK with my two crazy “not toddlers anymore” *sniff* children, my geeky boyfriend, a dog of many names and a very noisy cat.

I am a bit (lot) of a TV and film geek and love to binge watch shows and spend my weekends at fan conventions meeting my favourite actors.

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