it’s your time to shine on Social Media?

A Social Media Branding Package

  • You can have stunning social media graphics making you more captivating in the eyes of your potential customers and fans.
  • Easy to use templates with full ‘live’ and recorded tutorials so you are spending less time on your graphics and more on the content.
  • Professionally designed on brand designs so you will be more recognisable to future clients.
Your business has its own personality and it’s the branding where your winning personality shines. And social media is the dating scene. This is where you and your brand meet potential clients and entice them with your amazing charms and skills before forming lasting multi beneficial relationships for weeks, months and years to come.

Just like any dating experience we always want to present ourselves in the best light, we ensure we are dressed to impress and leave a lasting impression so that the first flirt will develop into something more memorable!

Why should your social media graphics be any different?

With the Seductive Social Media Brand Package, we get to know your brand so that we can dress up your social media image in the most charming and memorable light.

We use your brand design to create custom templates that will captivate your potential customers and leave lasting and recognisable impressions across four of the most popular social media platforms.

Starting at $597

A social media branding experience that will make your business instantly recognisable and captivate potential customers across popular social media platforms

What you get
Branded graphics for major social platforms

Includes profile picture & cover photos for your groups and pages, and templates for event photos and standard posts.


Templates for standard posts and stories, and highlight covers and profile picture.


Includes board covers and profile picture with templates for pins.


Includes profile photo and header image as well as templates for photo posts.

With features including
Recommended sizes

Each platform have their own recommended sizes and layouts. We ensure that each template or graphic follow these standards so you don’t have to.

Personalised to your existing branding

We take your branding, including your logo and colour palette and create fully custom templates that match your brand. This will ensure people will start to recognise your brand on sight.

Live & video tutorials

When we have completed your new beautiful social media set we don’t just pass them to you and let you fend for yourself. We get on a call with you and give you a full tutorial on how to use the templates and ensure you are confident in using them. We will then send you the recording of the call so you can refer to it later if you need to.

Optional Monthly Maintenance Add on

We know that, even with these easy to use templates, it takes time to create your social media graphics each month. This is why we offer a monthly service where we will take this task off your hand.

With plans starting from $4 per image.

Lizzie’s social media services are worth every single penny and then some.  I rely entirely on Lizzie now for my graphics creation for both my own and my client’s social media services.  Being able to get this off my plate and focus on the writing (the part I am REALLY good at) frees up so much more of my time and takes a huge load off my mind.  Thank you so much, Lizzie! You’re amazing <3 Bre Hamilton

Freelance Writer & Instagram Expert, Rose Gold Content

This service is for you if
  • You feel like you are spending too much time creating the graphics for your social media
  • Your time would be best spent on other areas of your business.
  • You want to stand out and be recognised on social media
  • You don’t feel confident in your design skills
This service is not for you if
  • You are happy with your social media reach
  • You have plenty of time to work on your graphics
  • You don’t see the value of a seamless and cohesive brand

Frequently asked questions

Will I just be getting templates, or will they be fully complete?

With this service you will be getting editable templates. You will need to change the image and the text for each use. If you are looking for a complete “done for you” service, then please check out my Seductive Social Media – Monthly Management

What if I don’t know how to use photoshop?

I know that Photoshop can be intimidating if you have never used it before. Therefore, I will sit on a video call with you to show you how to edit the templates, and you will also receive the recording of the meeting for future checks.

Is there a payment plan?

I am happy to split the total amount into multiple payments if you require this. Be aware that final files will not be sent until the amount is paid in full.

What if I only need a few templates?

I am happy to quote for the required number of templates. Be aware that the single cost per template is higher for lower levels of templates.

What program do I need to change the templates?

I work in Photoshop to create the templates and you will receive Photoshop files. If you don’t have a copy of photoshop you can purchase a monthly membership from Adobe from as little as $9.99.

Can you do the templates, so I can use them in [insert design program here]?

I understand that there are other graphic design programs such as Affinity or Canva. I am happy to talk to you about having your templates in an alternative format at an additional charge.

What if I don’t use [insert social platform here]?

If you don’t require templates for all platforms, I am happy to quote based on the platforms you do use, please fill out the contact form and add it to the details section.

Will I need to buy fonts and other design elements to use them?

For the most part, no. I aim to use free for commercial use resources such as google fonts. On occasion I may suggest a paid for font or design element. If this happens, I will arrange a meeting with you and discuss the benefits and if you are happy to go ahead, I will arrange the purchase of the licence (at your cost).

Who am I?
My name is Lizzie and I have been a graphic designer for over 15 years. I started out designing layouts and user icons for the platform LiveJournal. I progressed into 3D modelling artwork and personalised gifts and stationary before circling back into social media and branding.

I started a blog to advertise my artwork and started to see the struggle others had with the design elements of their business and knew that I was able to help.

When I’m not prettifying pixels I am a mum to two crazy “not toddlers anymore” *sniff* kids and a bit (lot) of a TV and film geek and spend many weekends at fan conventions meeting my favourite actors.

So, are you ready to “dress to impress” in the world of social media?
  • Stand out and be remembered with branded social media graphics



  • Free up your time with easy to use professional looking templates

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